Melvin Wong - Founder

It's been 15 years since Melvin started a startup alone in his little room. Since then, he's got two acquisitions under his belt with countless alliances and partnerships with 17 countries. He also hired over 100 staffs from 19 countries, something he's super proud of! Graduated with an engineering degree from the Nottingham Trent University, UK but left the field cos it was too damn boring. Oh by the way, he speaks 4 languages, well almost!

Nicolas Leonel - Infra & Server Specialist

With 13 years of experience in server and network administration in the US and Uruguay, no one rocks the servers better than Nic. This rock star is a Cisco Certified Network Associate and Certified Linux Administrator. Now is dreaming on cloud-nine AWS servers.

Jasmine Lee - Advisor

What can we say, Jas is just full of jazz. Owning a PhD from Monash University (Australia), Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge (UK), Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh (UK) and Bachelor of Science from POSTECH (Korea). That was a real mouthful, so forget the singing.

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