FAQ From Event Organizers, Promoters & Venues

What are the fees?

The only fee you have to pay us is a 3.9% sales commission when you sold a paid ticket (no fee for free events). We absorb the payment gateway fees that are charged by our payment providers. For example, if someone purchased your ticket for $50, we only take $1.95 (which is 50 X 3.9/100) from the sales amount. So, you will eventually receive a $48.05 payout from us. That’s it! There’s no other hidden fee. Oh, we even absorb the payment disbursement fees when we release the payments to you via PayPal Payout, Stripe Connect or direct bank transfer. Here’s more info about our pricing.

How do you actually prevent resale of tickets?

Each ticket is embedded with a facial image of the original ticket buyer. Thus, during the ticket scanning process at the door, the facial image will appear on the scanner app and the ticket officer could compare the facial image on the app with the face of the person presenting the ticket. If there’s a match, they are allowed to enter, otherwise, they are disallowed to enter the event. This evidently means reselling on ticket resale sites is not possible since they do not have the means to change the facial image on the ticket to a new buyer’s face. Please view this infographic to understand how we stop ticket reselling.

When purchasing a ticket, the customer needs to sign-up an account with us and provide their facial image as a facial ID. They could upload a recent photo file (such as a passport photo) or take a snapshot of their face on our site using their webcam or selfie camera on their mobile phone.

Ticket buyers are not allowed to change their facial images except for exceptional circumstances. If changing a facial photo is approved, we will review each new photo to ensure each photo does match the person in the previous photo.

The only means to resale your event tickets is by reselling them on our own ticket reselling website called 2Krowd. This site is under our control thus we are able to prevent any attempts to resell your tickets.

If I allow resale, how could I earn a cut from the resale of my event tickets?

You could earn a percentage when people resell your tickets on our secondary ticket marketplace, 2Krowd. You will get a percentage of the sale value. Please view our infographic to understand how this works.

Reselling on other ticket resale sites is not possible because each ticket is embedded with a facial image of the original ticket buyer in a QR code. This means the ticket cannot be transferred to a different person by other means such as reselling on StubHub or Viagogo. The only way the facial image could be transferred is via our ticket resale site. On this resale platform, we change the facial image on the ticket from the original ticket buyer to the person who purchased the resale ticket. With this updated ticket, they could enter your event and their facial representation could be validated at the door.

What types of tickets can I sell?

Below are the types of tickets that you could create yourself via the organizer dashboard. Please note that we currently do not support tickets with individual seat numbers via this dashboard.

  • General Admission (GA) – Tickets that don’t come with seat numbers, sections or rows. This is mostly used in smaller events where everyone sits together in one single area. Examples are small concerts or gigs, parties, meet the fans sessions, seminars, comedy show, theatre and others.
  • General Admission (GA) with Sections or Rows – Tickets that are divided between floor (standing) section and seated sections. This type of ticket is usually used at concerts, parties or musical events.
  • Tickets with Sections/Rows – Tickets that don’t come with individual seat numbers but with different packages, sections, blocks or rows. This is usually used in medium-sized events like sports games, concerts, conferences, trade shows and more. Examples are early bird, standard and VIP tickets, mosh pit (standing) and seated section tickets, box/terrace/mezzanine tickets.
  • Tickets for Different Days – Tickets for events that happen for more than a day. Such as festivals, fairs or conferences. These tickets are not further subdivided into categories, sections or rows.
  • Tickets with Sections/Rows for Different Days – Tickets for events that happen for more than a day. Such as festivals, fairs or conferences. Tickets can also be further subdivided into subtypes like types, sections or rows. Examples are day-one tickets for VIP section or second-day tickets for lawn section.
How could you support tickets with reserved seating?

At the moment, we do not support tickets with individually assigned seat numbers (also known as reserved seating) via the self-service organizer dashboard. However, if you contact us, we could customize it for you.

What payment options do you accept?

At the moment, we accept credit/debit cards (via Stripe) and PayPal for ticket buyers to purchase tickets on our platform.

How do you pay us?

We could pay you via Stripe Split Pay (for customers paying using Stripe payment gateway) or PayPal Payout or direct bank transfer. We will bear the payout fees with the respective payment providers.

How fast could you pay us?

If you have a Stripe account, you get your payment immediately after customers paid for their tickets. You just need to connect your Stripe account using the organizer dashboard. PayPal payouts usually take 2 to 3 days. Bank transfer takes the longest like 5 days or so. You can request to withdraw your collected ticket payments via the organizer dashboard.

Do I need to install any app to use this ticketing platform?

As an event organizer, you only need to install our free ticket scanner app to let you scan tickets at your event. As a ticket buyer, you don’t have to.

Does your ticket scanner app require Internet connection?

No, our app works fine offline. You don’t need to have any WiFi or mobile data connectivity to scan your tickets.

What do I need to start selling tickets on this platform?
  1. Create a free account on our website.
  2. Create a profile of your company (optional).
  3. Create your event with title, date/time, venue, featured image and description.
  4. Create your tickets. You can sell General Admission (GA) tickets or tickets with rows, sections, categories, days. To sell tickets with reserved seating, please contact us.
  5. Submit your event for approval. Usually, it takes 24 hours (sometimes less) to be approved.
  6. Once approved, start promoting your event by sharing your event URL.
  7. Once you are near to the date of your event, you should download our ticket scanner app from Google Play.
  8. Sync the ticket scanning app with your ticket security key at the organizer dashboard on our site. This ensures only the app can scan tickets for your events.
  9. Then, download the event CSV file containing all the ticket details on the dashboard and upload it to the ticket scanning app.
  10. Once uploaded, you’re ready to scan tickets at your event.
  11. For support or assistance, you may contact us.
Could someone cancel their ticket and get a refund?

Our system allows for cancellations and refunds via the organizer dashboard. Here’s a tutorial on how to cancel a ticket and issue a refund.

Do you provide on-site support?

In exceptional cases, we could provide ground support at events around the globe. But there may be additional fees involved. Please kindly contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


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