How do you actually prevent resale of tickets?

Each ticket is embedded with a facial image of the original ticket buyer. Thus, during the ticket scanning process at the door, the facial image will appear on the scanner app and the ticket officer could compare the facial image on the app with the face of the person presenting the ticket. If there’s a match, they are allowed to enter, otherwise, they are disallowed to enter the event. This evidently means reselling on ticket resale sites is not possible since they do not have the means to change the facial image on the ticket to a new buyer’s face. Please view this infographic to understand how we stop ticket reselling.

When purchasing a ticket, the customer needs to sign-up an account with us and provide their facial image as a facial ID. They could upload a recent photo file (such as a passport photo) or take a snapshot of their face on our site using their webcam or selfie camera on their mobile phone.

Ticket buyers are not allowed to change their facial images except for exceptional circumstances. If changing a facial photo is approved, we will review each new photo to ensure each photo does match the person in the previous photo.

The only means to resale your event tickets is by reselling them on our own ticket reselling website called 2Krowd. This site is under our control thus we are able to prevent any attempts to resell your tickets.

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