Proof that we are wired to see faces - Pareidolia

Here’s prove that humans are wired to recognize faces

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Humans are social animals and being social we need to be genetically wired to recognize each individual in our species. Dogs use their acute sense of smell to identify their fellow breed. We, humans, use our strength in recognizing faces. That could explain why there are 43 muscles in our face alone, one of the most compared to other parts of our body.

But we sometimes overdo it! When we see faces in everyday things and at unusual places. This phenomenon is called pareidolia.

So, here’s a simple test to see if you are so-called pareidolic. Look at the images below and tell me which one you don’t see a face in them.

Pareidolia_(15468122) by Pixeltoo
Credit: Pixeltoo


Pansy_flower_pareidolia_face by Zunter
Credit: Zunter


Pareidolia_(16088691647) by Sujay25
Credit: Sujay25


Pareidolia house-1956618_1280
Credit: Heliofil


Pareidolia nature-1902404_1280
Credit: Pixabay


pareidolia-656554_1280 by Vikiwi
Credit: Vikiwi


Pareidolia_metal_face by Mbejger
Credit: Mbejger


Credit: timmossholder


Pareidolia_cracks by Nikola Smolenski
Credit: Nikola Smolenski


1200px-Pareidolia by Quinet
Credit: Quinet


Pareidolia-Face looking sideway
Credit: Choramcity1


Pareidolia_in_dendritic_agate by Aeddd1900
Credit: Aeddd1900. Human face looking to the right side with large hair in dendritic agate


A stylized Frankenstein monster from a random dot of dried paint on a yardstick.
Credit: Imbrettjackson. A stylized Frankenstein monster from a random dot of dried paint on a yardstick.

As we scroll down, the “faces” in the photos seem harder to visualize but still we manage to see one regardless. That’s the power of facial sight that is built in all of us. Acute facial perception is key to our survival. Imagine if we can’t differentiate between our boss with a co-worker. It would have drastic consequences that might cause our livelihood.

This is the very reason why we built a ticketing system that embraces our genetic gift – that is the ability to perceive and recognize faces. Most identification systems have a facial ID feature in place, such as our national ID card or passport. Until we evolve to something beyond our sense of sight, in face we shall trust.