Truly private event

How to create a truly private event

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The word “private” could mean different things to different people or situations. In the context of events, a private event usually is a function that runs purely on a “by-invitation” basis. This means that only the selected few who are on the guestlist are allowed to participate. These special guests are important people who the majority of the organizing staff may only know by name.

Which begs the question, how do we ensure that guests are who they say they are? What is the risk of someone impersonating an invited guest? That someone could be a paparazzi, from the media or maybe a competitor. With social media being so proliferated, anyone can post a YouTube video or Instagram photo online at any time.

Here are some tips that you could do to ensure your private event stays truly private.

Only invite verifiable guests

Verified guest list
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It’s safe to assume that invitees to a private event must somehow have a prior relationship with the event organizer, especially for an intimate and closed-door function. You would have previously obtained their personal information as well as their contact details to send them the invites. However, you might want to request for other information such as their facial image to reinforce the verification process. Facial identity is one of the most accurate and convenient ways to confirm a person’s identity. You could ask for them to upload their facial images while confirming their attendance for your event. This data could then be visually compared with the person presenting the invitation card or ticket.

A picture is worth a thousand words but a face is worth seven persons

There are seven people who look like us in this world

There’s a popular notion that there are seven people in this world who look like us. In this world of about 7 billion people, that’s about a 0.0000001 percent chance that a doppelganger would walk into your event pretending to be someone else who looks just like them. If you supplement your event ticket with a facial identification element, there’s almost a zero percent chance that an uninvited person could attend your event, except for your doppelganger.

Avoid checking IDs because it can be forged

ID can be easily forged

In this digital age, identity cards can be easily faked thanks to the Internet and software like Photoshop. Identity fraud has been growing at an unprecedented scale and it’s hard to put a stop to it unless there’s a more robust way to verify each individual. One promising solution is digital facial identification where each invitation card or ticket is embedded with the facial identity of the guest inside a QR code. When scanned, the QR code reveals the facial image of the invitee. The event personnel could easily compare the image with the person holding the card or ticket.

ID checking could slow down the queue killing a good event experience

ID checking can delay the queue

Nobody likes to queue, especially those queuing to enter your event. Avoid offering a bad event experience by delaying the queue just because you need to check each and everyone’s ID at the door. With facial identification, each attendee can be verified almost instantly because we, humans, are naturally trained to recognize faces.

Prevent ticket reselling

The worse thing that someone could do is to resell their exclusive ticket to someone else. If your event is so highly-sought for, people are willing to pay anything to get in. The notion of “willing buyer, willing seller” is what makes ticket reselling works. Checking ID cards is the standard procedure nowadays but if someone is desperate enough, they will go to all ends to pass the event door such as creating a fake ID card. The most robust way is to put personally identifiable information on the ticket that is impossible to forge. Obviously DNA and fingerprinting come to mind, but today’s technology is far from making these options cost-effective and convenient to be deployed. You might want to consider facial recognition technology instead.

Facial identification technology for events is available without the cost or hassle

Tickets with facial identity

At 1Krowd, we pride ourselves on developing the event technology that allows you to organize a truly private event without the exorbitant costs of hardware or software. Our patent-pending event ticketing platform could prevent event attendance fraud and best of all, it works with old-fashioned paper invitation cards or paper tickets.