How to Earn a Cut From Ticket Resellers For Your Event

How to Earn a Cut From Ticket Resellers For Your Event

February 10, 2020 no comments Melvin Wong Categories Guides to TicketingTags ,

If you’re planning a highly anticipated event, one big worry that might keep you awake at night. How are you going to control ticket scalpers from taking advantage of your hard work by scalping away all your tickets and reselling them for prices you could only dream of selling.

Here comes the cliché – “Enter 1Krowd event ticketing software  – where we strive to make ticket reselling fair and square.”

Ok, we actually tried to sound like your typical TV commercial voiceover ala Bruce Buffer (or was it Michael Buffer). Anyway, what we’re trying to introduce here is our newly invented patent-pending ticketing system that uses facial ID as the key component in tracking who purchased your tickets.

Here’s how it works. Trust us, it’s pretty simple

Every ticket for your event that is bought directly from our online ticketing software will contain the facial image of the ticket buyer – whether it’s the face of your actual fan or the ticket scalper himself (say “Cheeeseee,” handsome). Our technology could securely embed facial images inside the QR codes on the tickets. So, when a ticket owner reaches your event gate, their ticket will be scanned using our free ticket scanner app and voilà – a face will appear on the scanner and your crew could easily compare the face on the display with the person presenting the ticket. If there’s a match, enter thee! Otherwise, that person must have bought the ticket for an unauthorized scalper, because the ticket got his face on it.

How do we transfer the ownership of the ticket

As you could imagine by now, every ticket has a facial ID on it and when the ticket is resold, the new ticket buyer’s facial image will be embedded inside the resale ticket. This ensures there will be a facial match at the door. Our secondary ticketing marketplace requires every user to upload or capture their facial image when they sign-up. Their digital photo will then be encrypted and stored inside the resale ticket that they purchased, just like how it works at our primary ticketing website.

Where’s that cut we were talking about

Here’s the juicy part. For a ticket scalper to be “authorized”, well, they need to resell your event’s tickets at our ticket resale website and from there we share a piece of the pie with the reseller. That means you, us and the ticket scalper takes a cut from the pie. How big your cut, you say? Well, as big as you want! Really, we’re not kidding. Because of our ability to control the resell, scalpers can only resell via our secondary ticketing marketplace – not StubHub, SeatGeek, Viagogo or as such. But obviously, in order to make this trade a harmonious and sustainable one, it’s only fair that we scratch others back as much as they scratch ours. So, we recommend an adequate percentage be left for the scalpers and, of course, us! But do believe us when we say we would be the one taking the least cut. Because we’re here for the long-run.

So, how do you start

If you’re sold, here’s how you can get started. Sign-up on our website and start creating your event for free. See our pricing listed here. We currently support GA (general admission) events and events with tickets based on sections, rows or days but without reserved seating. If you really need individual seat numbers for each ticket, contact us and we can customize one for you, at no cost! We could even throw in a seat selection map (if you could provide us the plan).

If you need more info, help is here. If you require support, our contact is here.