When is the best time to buy event tickets

When is the best time to buy event tickets?

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Perhaps you might wonder, why most of us always prefer to do something at the very last minute. Perhaps the answer may be that humans are wired to evade pain and to pursue pleasure. Which may explain why we put off the “painful” task of buying tickets much earlier before the actual date. Be it when buying a flight ticket for a vacation or a ticket to watch our favorite artist who is coming to our city. Anyway, the vacation season is still half a year away and there’re still 3 months before the day of the concert, we might say. But when we begin feeling the pleasure of daydreaming about the vacation or when we get excited about the upcoming concert, which by now should be weeks or days away, we jump the gun!

So, if we, humans, are so hooked to be a “last-minute” species, we should get smart about knowing when is the right time to buy event tickets. The best time to buy tickets usually depends on these factors.

  • Type of tickets – general admission (GA) or reserved seating.
  • Who’s performing.
  • Frequency of event.
  • Day of the week or public holiday.
  • Number of tickets available.

The easiest way to gauge the best timing is written below.

If it’s an event with general admission tickets, it’s safe not to rush to buy.

If it’s an event with reserved seating, the sooner you should buy to get the best seats.

The more popular the event is, the sooner you should buy, in case of selling-out.

The least the frequency of the event, the sooner you should buy, in case of selling-out.

If the event happens on a weekend or eve of public holiday, the sooner you should buy because more people will attend.

The least number of tickets available, the sooner you should buy.

Type of tickets – general admission (GA) or reserved seating

Events with general admission (GA) tickets have no reserved seating. It could be an event with only a standing floor in front of the stage (a.k.a mosh pit) or with seats that are not uniquely numbered. This means seats are grabbed on a “first come first served” basis. So, you don’t have to rush to buy your tickets because chances are many will still be available when it’s nearer to the event. But so ensure you arrive early so that you could grab the best standing spot or seat.

On the contrary, events with reserved seating (seats with unique numbers) tend to sell-out early because everyone is chasing for the best seats. So you want to be earliest at the ticketing website to pick the best ones still available.

Who’s performing

This is subjective to predict but by knowing the popularity of the performer, it’s obvious that the hotter the celebrity is, the hotter the tickets will be selling. Since you’re a fan, you should be able to estimate the hype over the event. Knowing how many of your friends and their friends are going should do the trick.

Frequency of the event

If it’s a one-night-only event then you should start purchasing early but if there’re multiple shows, you could always wait for the most convenient day to attend. The first and the last events of the series should always get the most attendance.

Day of the week or public holiday

This is quite self-explanatory but makes a good reminder. Most sell-outs happen on weekends or on the eve of public holidays. We even see a similar trend in cinemas where people often go to catch a movie when tomorrow is an off day from work or school.

Number of tickets available

If the event is happening in a large stadium, it might be safe to wait before you buy. However, other factors above are still at play which could decide if you’re going to get your tickets.

All factors are at play at once

All the factors above should help you determine when is the best moment to buy your tickets. But all these factors coexisting and interplay with one another. Getting tickets for a GA event doesn’t mean you should wait until the very last minute if the celebrity is only performing once in a small venue. Best is to get your tickets as early as you could.