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Why some GA tickets have different prices?

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You might notice that at some events their general admission tickets (a.k.a GA) are priced differently although they all seem to be for the same section or floor. Well, welcome to the commercial world of ticketing!

Different Prices For Primary GA Tickets

If you’ve seen GA tickets that are priced differently by primary ticket sellers, they probably want to differentiate their tickets by subdividing their GA tickets into different packages. Primary ticket sellers are the original sellers where you can buy first-hand tickets directly for the event, not from another reseller. These varieties of packages offer different values such as some are packaged for early bird entry, meaning if you pay more you get to enter the gate first. Thus, there will be a special line at the gate reserved for those who paid more so that they can be at the front rows of the event floor.

Other GA packages can be tickets that come together with special perks such as gift packs, souvenirs and others. There can also be VIP packages that offer special privileges to ticket buyers like accessing the backstage to after-event parties!

Different Prices For Secondary GA Tickets

If you’re at secondary ticketing websites like StubHub or SeatGeek or even Ticketmaster, you’d surely notice that prices vary tremendously, even for seats next to one other. This is because these GA tickets are being resold by others. They can be resold by those who couldn’t make it to the event or ticket brokers who are also known as ticket scalpers. Scalpers make a living reselling tickets, thus, they can price their tickets as they wish usually according to demand.

Ticketmaster, however, is in the business to make money from first-hand and second-hand tickets. So, they place original and resale tickets together on their site. You just need to read the ticket label correctly to know if the ticket is first-hand or being resold by others. Usually, resale tickets are most pricey than their counterparts but the prices may drop or increase drastically when the event date is nearer.

What You Should Know About GA Tickets With Different Prices

Most GA ticket holders are treated the same way at the events regardless of how much you bought the tickets for. Thus, everyone will be treated the same way inside the venue as long as the section is the same, in this case, GA section.

People queuing to enter event

General Admission (GA) events always come with seating without individual seat numbers (unreserved seating). Worse, you have to stand if it’s a standing floor. Therefore, it is advisable that you show up early to these kinds of events so that you could grab the best seats or spots (assuming it’s standing). You want to be early to get into the front row if you’re at a concert or find the best seats around with the best view.